I empower women suffering PTSD from sexual abuse.

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Healing the heart

Healing Evolution is a wellness centre for women who want more out of life. To reconnect and look inward to heal the wounded parts of themself to gain confidence and self worth to enable them to live from a space of love and connection. We specialise in counselling to help you navigate the ups and downs in life, chakra balancing to realign your energy centres, intuitive aromatherapy massage to reconnect to your feminine energy, aromatherapy blends design by Trish Nash for emotional well-being and chakra support and guided meditation to calm and balance the mind to provide you with all the tools needed to support you on your emotional healing journey.


Our Services


Trish's counselling style combines Solution Focused, Mindfulness and Acceptance & Commitment therapy along with options to incorporate her emotional healing essential oil blends.

Chakra Balancing

Chakra Balancing Techniques reactivates and unblocks the 7-chakra energy centers of the body to realign and activate your kundalini energy.

Intuitive Aromatherapy Body Work

Reconnect with your feminie energy and experience the richness and deep inner connection with a full body aromatherapy massage. Featuring Trish’s exclusive emotions essential oil blends.


Reiki energy healing treatment works holistically on the whole body, mind and spirit. It’s a gentle technique that reduces stress and promotes well-being.

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