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I offer a range of counselling and intuitive healing services to support women suffering PTSD from sexual abuse to help you reclaim balance and reconnect to your personal power and self worth. My holistic counselling framework focuses on acceptance and commitment therapy. This type of therapy is action orientated and helps a person acceptance what they are going through but still takes action to make sustainable change in their life. In addition to acceptance and commitment therapy, I can personalise your counselling sessions and treatment plan to incorporate my emotional healing essential oil blends, crystals, sound healing and mindfulness practice.

My intuitive energy healing sessions fast track your healing journey by tapping into the store trauma in your physical body and subconscious. The vibrational frequency of the essential oils,sound healing, crystals and Reiki energy gently supports your body and soul to release what no longer services you. This process goes at your own speed which allows me to tap into your heart space and let your soul guide me on your healing journey. An important part of this process is energetic protection. We can be attacked by energy vampires, have cords or emotional trigger attached our aura. Using my layered approach, I prepare the body by setting the intention, inhaling and applying my protection essential oil blend. Next, I cut the cords attached to the aura with a crystal wand followed by Palo Santo smoke ceremony to seal the tears in aura from removing the cords. It's important to remember cord cutting works on the current attachments. It's beneficial to address the root cause of the emotional distress and our internal dialogue to truly free us from this suffering. Don't worry I have your covered. My treatment addresses the conscious and subconscious beliefs and rewrites them on a quantum DNA level.

For additional support and convenience, I offer my full range of emotional healing and chakra balancing essential oil blends. These are the same blends that I use in my treatments and have proven results. Simply by inhaling them directly from the bottle these powerful essential oil blends can change your state of mind and physical body. The transformation is amazing and so beautiful to watch as it unfolds before your eyes. I also have a range of crystals and crystal jewellery to use during your mindfulness and manifesting practices along with supporting you emotionally by physically wearing the crystals on your body. Sometimes we want to start our healing journey at home and in private for fear of trusting another person with our trauma. Don't worry, I have you covered and can totally relate as that was the space I was in 12 years ago. As I started to process my store trauma and regain my own self worth, I created two self help books, Emotional Healing with Essential Oils: A journey of self discovery and Balancing Emotions DIY Recipe Book. I wanted share my journey and the strategies I learned along the way to support other women who felt stuck and afraid to ask for help. Emotional Healing with Essential Oils: A journey of self discovery is a step by step how to book that will guide you through your healing journey. I also incorporate single essential oils suggestions depending on what you're working through along with affirmations. My second book, Balancing Emotions DIY Recipe Book is packed with personal care recipes, roller ball and diffuser blends based of emotional healing. It includes the emotional meanings of the essential oils long with affirmations to layer your healing possibilities. Choose the best option that supports you and trust support is always available, all you need to do is take the first step.


My Story

I would like to share with you my personal healing journey.


Trish Nash

I am an inspired woman, dedicated to reconnecting women to their personal power, allowing them to thrive and reconnect with their feminine energy to live a life of joy and gratitude. My healing journey started with a major change in my life that left me asking questions like, who am I? Why do I hate myself so much? Why do I reject my sexuality? How can I turn off the voice in my head! This started an inward journey of self reflection and exploration to find the answers. Through research, counselling, essential oils and meditation, I was able to answer those questions and find out what my true values and beliefs were. To put down all the different masks I was wearing and accept my true feminine beauty and personal power.

I am a qualified Counsellor with the Australian Counselling Association and hold a BA in Psychology and Business Communication, a Certified Clinical Master Aromatherapist and Reiki Master. I started to share my healing journey with the birth of my first book, “Emotional Healing with Essential Oils: A journey of self discovery, a #1 Best Seller on Amazon. It was cathartic in my healing journey but I also wanted to give back and connect with other women who were on similar healing journeys. I know sometimes confronting your true self head on can be scary so I created my second book, “Balancing Emotions DIY Recipe Book”. It starts to introduce you to the healing power of essential oils through personal care products and affirmations to gently start to open the door to awareness and healing.

I always said I wish I had a guide to help me when I was lost in the dark trying to find the answers. Support is here and I would love to be the guiding light as you move forward in your healing journey. Connect with me today to explore how my scientifically proven methods can make a lasting positive impact in your life and relationship.

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