I empower women suffering PTSD from sexual abuse.

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Healing Evolution is a wellness centre for women who want more out of life. I support women who are ready to look inward to heal their stored trauma from sexual abuse to gain confidence and self worth allowing them to live from a space of love and connection. I specialise in counselling and intuitive healing that gently supports women to process their emotions and let go of stored trauma that’s holding them back in life and love. There is another way to live and you have the power within you to break free of your story and step into your personal power and sacred feminine energy. You are not alone and I am here to support you on your healing journey. Connect with me today and start living life on your terms and not in the shadows of the past.


Tammy: A 43 year old lady begins counselling because she is seeking help for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Tammy has been struggling with PTSD since she was sexually abused by her step father when she was a child. Her body has responded to the trauma by being in a consent state of fright / flight, causing her to freeze up and avoid contact with men. Tammy's goal for her counselling was to learn how to manage the PTSD symptoms so she could start dating again.

The freezing up and avoidance had become so bad that Tammy hadn't been able to form meaningful relationships with men. This left her feeling alone and isolated.

Tammy hadn't been able to let down her guard. In fact, her fear of men was at an all time high. She came to see that if she calmed her mind and soothed her body with intentional breathing and mindfulness, she became relaxed and calm. This enabled Tammy to connect and communicate with men.

Over a number of sessions, Tammy became better at calming her mind by controlling her breathing.

She learned how to let down her guard and trust her intuition when communicating with men. Her health has improved by allowing her body to rest and recover. She was able to regain her energy and no longer feels isolated and lonely.

These stories are based on real client experiences, but names and specific details have been changed to protect privacy.

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