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Feeling disconnect from your life and like you are just going through the motions? Are you unsure about what the future holds or how to move forward? Trish helps women reclaim their self worth and person power to live a full rewarding life on their terms. She combines scientifically proven counselling strategies; mindfulness and aromatherapy to empower women to reconnect with their feminine energy and self worth to thrive in a life they create that aligns with their values and beliefs. We already put so much energy in focusing on what we don't want in life when we could be taking that same amount of energy and focusing it on the life we want that'’s filled with abundance and love. Typically, sessions are weekly or fortnightly for six sessions and available in-person or telehealth.

  • Diploma of Counselling and Bachelor of Arts Psychology & Business Communication
  • Empowering change
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Chakra Balancing

Feeling off balanced and sluggish, like something is off but you just can't put your finger on it? If this sounds like you, your chakra system is likely out of alignment. The Chakra Balancing Techniques reactivates and unblocks the 7-chakra energy centers of the body leaving you feeling energized and balanced. The Technique combines my specialty formulated chakra essential oil blends, one for each of the chakras, crystals & sound therapy to bring your energy system back to homeostasis. For the best result, I recommend three sessions on a weekly basis for three weeks. The first session starts to stir up the energy and emotions. By the second session you're open to embracing deeper healing and opening up your heart. The third session grounds your energy and includes a full body protect for lasting results. Available in-person only.

  • Combined with 7 specialized aromatherapy chakra essential oils blend and crystals
  • Activate your chakra centers
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Intuitive Aromatherapy Body Work

Feel like you're living in your masculine energy most of the time. Always trying to be in control and keep everything from falling apart? This full body intuitive aromatherapy body work session will whisk you away on a journey to reconnect with your feminine energy and carry you away on a blissful cloud of relaxation. Trish connects with your heart space as guidance to intuitively create what is perfectly aligned with what you need to reconnect to your feminine energy in that present moment. This session combines physical touch, energy healing, sound therapy, crystals and her specially formulated emotions range of essential oils blends. Available in-person only.

  • Individualized Essential Oil blend
  • Reconnect with your feminine power
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Reiki Energy Healing

Feeling the physical effects of being stressed out, anxious or depressed? Reiki energy healing can help by activating your parasympathetic nervous system and inducing a relaxing state of being. Reiki energy healing treatment works holistically on the physical body, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It's a gentle technique that reduces stress, anxiety and depression to promote overall well-being. How does it work? Universal energy is transmitted through the practitioner's hands into the recipient's body. This powerful flow of energy or life forces rejuvenates the body by giving it a boost of energy were its most need and for the greater good of the individuals healing. Typically, three consecutive weekly sessions to get the best results. Available online or in-person.

  • Combined with specialized aromatherapy essential oil blend and sound healing
  • Raise your vibration
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Crystal Shop

Bring some good vibrations into your life

  • My emotional healing books combine essential oils as part of your healing journey
  • Emotional healing and Chakra balancing essential oil blend
  • Crystals for emotional support, protection, balance and grounding,
  • Crystal spheres, flames, pyramids, eggs, clusters, towers and tumbles
  • Crystal jewellery, crystal key chains, journals, and white sage

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