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Intuitive Energy Healing

Are you stuck in the same repetitive patterns of destructive behaviour? Do you long for connection and intimacy?

Holding onto stored sexual trauma limits our connections to intimacy and affects are core beliefs around feeling safe and secure. These feeling hijacks are adrenals and leave you in a constant state of fright, flight, and freeze. Your body is stuck in a perpetual state of stress and anxiety. When we are in this heightened state your body is focusing all its energy and resources on protection. This leaves limited resources for digestion, detoxification or rejuvenating your body.

My signature Intuitive Energy Healing sessions are designed to realign your energy and transform your perspective, allowing you to embrace life with connection and balance. Through a gentle and deeply intuitive connection with your heart space, I guide you on a journey to reconnect with your inner child allowing you a safe container to process and release your stored trauma.

This process activates your parasympathetic nervous system, inducing a relaxing state of being. During this deep state of relaxation, I combine various modalities including physical touch, energy healing, vibrational healing frequencies of crystal singing bowls, healing crystals and my specially formulated emotional range of essential oils blends. This unique blend of techniques works synergistically to penetrate the subconscious mind and the heart to reprogramming limiting beliefs and facilitating the release of stores trauma.

My mission is to help you reprogram your subconscious mind, empowering you to reconnect with your sacred feminine power and step into your divine essence by releasing sexual trauma. Discover the transformative power of Intuitive Energy Healing and embark on a journey towards profound healing and self-discovery.

  • Reprograming your subconscious beliefs
  • Step into your personal power
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Holistic Counselling

Are you feeling disconnected and uncertain about the future? Are you ready to commit to making lasting changes and having a clear view of the future you desire? Don't let the past determine your future or stop you from exploring intimacy and connection. You can regain your personal power and break free from your limiting beliefs about yourself and the world.

My holistic counselling approach integrates scientifically proven counselling strategies, mindfulness techniques, and aromatherapy to empower women to reconnect with their sacred feminine energy and self worth. I specialize in narrative therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy. Narrative therapy which is a form of psychotherapy that assists a person in identifying their values and the skills that is associated with them. Using this knowledge a person can consciously live these values to support them in overcoming current and future problem in their life. Acceptance and commitment therapy is also known as ACT is a form of psychotherapy that incorporated mindfulness strategies and behaviour techniques to cultivate psychological flexibility.

These approaches focus on created a life that aligns with your values and beliefs. We often expend significant energy dwelling on what we don't desire in life, yet we could redirect that same energy towards creating the life we truly want and deserve. By shifting our focus, we can channel our thoughts and actions into our desired reality. During our sessions together, I will collaboratively support you in exploring your conscious and subconscious beliefs and how they are impacting your current reality. We will explore if those beliefs are true or if it's someone else's story you have been carrying around from childhood experiences.

Begin your transformational healing today by taking the next step in your holistic counselling journey. Click the link below to start working with me now.

  • Empowering positive change
  • Realigning your life to support your values
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Chakra Balancing

Feeling off balanced and sluggish, like something is off but you just can't put your finger on it? Unable to move forward and stuck in the same cycles? If this sounds like you, your chakra system is likely out of alignment.

My Chakra Balancing Techniques reactivates and unblocks the 7-chakra energy centers of the body leaving you feeling energized and balanced. The Technique combines my specialty formulated chakra essential oil blends, one for each of the chakras, healing crystals Reiki energy & vibrational healing frequencies of crystal singing bowls to bring your energy system back to homeostasis. For the best result, I recommend three sessions on a weekly basis for three weeks. The first session starts to stir up the energy and emotions. By the second session you're open to embracing deeper healing and opening up your heart. The third session grounds your energy and includes a full body protect for lasting results.

  • Combined with 7 specialized aromatherapy chakra essential oils blend and crystals
  • Activate your chakra centers
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Reiki Energy Healing

Feeling the physical effects of being stressed out, anxious or depressed? Reiki energy healing can help by activating your parasympathetic nervous system and inducing a relaxing state of being. Reiki energy healing treatment works holistically on the physical body, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It's a gentle technique that reduces stress, anxiety and depression to promote overall well-being. How does it work? Universal energy is transmitted through the practitioner's hands into the recipient's body. This powerful flow of energy or life forces rejuvenates the body by giving it a boost of energy were its most need and for the greater good of the individuals healing. Typically, three consecutive weekly sessions to get the best results. Available online or in-person.

  • Combined with specialized aromatherapy essential oil blend and sound healing
  • Raise your vibration
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